P E L L A V I S I T O R S G U I D E 43 Des Moines Rive r Exit 29 Exit 40 Exit 42 Exit 60 Exit 62 92ND AVE S 112TH AVE W CARPENTER ST 180TH AVE OLD HWY 92 2 1 6 T H P L DUBUQUE DR 195TH PL JEWELL DR COUNTY LINE RD 82ND AVE OREGON DR 218TH AVE ILLINOIS DR 170TH AVE 105TH AVE VE W 85TH AVE 160TH PL W 62ND ST S 132ND PL W 78TH ST S W 70TH ST S C LEM EN S D R PERRY ST 115TH PL 165TH AVE 140TH AVE S 128TH AVE W 110TH PL DUBUQUE ST 90TH PL DAKOTA ST 190TH AVE 85TH PL 108TH PL 125TH AVE COOLIDGE ST 1 9 8 T H P L B U S I N E S S 1 6 3 224TH PL 195TH AVE LISBON DR 130TH PL 167TH PL E 8TH ST S W 24TH ST S LOWE DR ELK HORN DR KENNEDY ST 118TH AVE E PLEASANT QUAIL AVE 100TH AVE S 128TH AVE E 124TH AVE 95TH AVE ROYAL ST RODEO AVE E R B E D R 110TH AVE 120TH AVE LUCAS DR OREGON ST REPUBLIC AVE W MCGREGOR DR 195TH PL N ROCHE ST 102ND AVE 118TH PL W 56TH ST S KEOKUK DR NEWBOLD DR HAYES DR 135TH AVE FAIRFAX DR ELK HORN ST JESUP DR 215TH AVE JERSEY DR Q U A K E R S T 112TH AVE 2 2 8 T H P L BEARDSLEY ST W 16TH ST S Q U A R T Z S T MECHANIC S ST OKLAHOMA DR S 114TH AVE E HEMPSTEAD DR FILLMORE DR WASHINGTON ST 120TH PL 98TH AVE INW OOD DR W 82ND ST S 88TH AVE IDAHO DR BUSINESS 92 HOOVER ST 222ND AVE 128TH AVE GRIMES DR 122ND PL 112TH PL T 150TH AVE KEOKUK DR BRIGGS ST 100TH AVE 155TH AVE ST 210TH AVE 140TH AVE NEVADA ST 190TH AVE 150TH AVE S 112TH AVE W 110TH AVE 160TH AVE NIXON ST 92ND AVE JEWELL DR LUCAS DR MCKIMBER ST 112TH AVE 118TH AVE 228TH AVE 198TH PL NIXON ST QUAIL AVE BRIGGS ST 1 6 0 T H P L ERBE ST LISBON DR NEVADA ST 1 0 8 T H P L Pella Knoxville Monroe Harvey Otley 160TH AVE JESUP DR Red Rock Area Map Map Version: November 2015 Creston Kirksville Pella Ottumwa LOCATION MAP Keokuk Marshalltown Waterloo Cedar Rapids Knoxville Burlington Ames Ft. Dodge Des Moines Iowa Missouri Iowa City - Lake Red Rock 50 0 50 25 Miles Oskaloosa Des Moines River Raccoon River 80 80 35 35 63 63 34 34 92 92 14 14 5 5 20 20 2 2 30 30 330 163 61 27 151 380 Fifield Whitebreast Marina Cove Corps Office Visitor Center South Overlook South Tailwater Ivans Howell Station North Tailwater North Overlook Wallashuck Distance 25 Miles 50 Miles 75 Miles Cordova Roberts Creek Elk Rock Hickory Ridge Red Rock Archery Range (North Tailwater closed due to hydropower project) T15 G44 T15 S71 G46 T17 T17 T15 G28 Playscape To Oskaloosa To Oskaloosa U n io n V a ll e y C r e e k B r u s h C r e e k C a lh o u n C r e e k P r a i r i e C r e e k Hawk Creek eek Teter Creek Competine Creek 92 14 5 92 163 163 14 W i l d c a t C r e e k W a l l i n g s l o c k C r e e k To Prairie City