W W W . V I S I T P E L L A . C O M 42 210TH AVE ERBE ST 150TH AVE FULTON ST 70TH AVE 75TH AVE LISBON ST MCKINLEY ST NEVADA ST 240TH AVE GEAR ST 200TH AVE 230TH AVE GENEVA DR SE 32ND AVE NIXON ST 60TH AVE 40TH AVE SE VANDALIA DR 155TH AVE SE 56TH AVE KIRKWOOD ST 65TH AVE W 93RD ST S SE 116TH ST S 104TH AV 30TH PL ILLINOIS ST 168TH AVE 50TH PL MCKIMBER ST 1 6 5 T H P L NE 97TH ST PERRY DR SE 104TH ST GRIMES 72ND AVE 213TH AVE ADKINS ST 245TH AVE 15TH AVE SE 68TH ST PINION AVE 220TH AVE NIMRICK ST 25TH PL W 86TH ST S 35TH AVE 20TH PL SE 48TH AVE 183RD AVE SE 78TH ST ELTHON ST HAYES ST SE 72ND ST SE 80TH ST W 119TH ST S W 109TH ST S BRIGGS ST W 125TH ST S PERSHING ST 35TH PL 223RD AVE INDIANA DR W 129TH ST S SE 88TH ST SE 128TH ST SE 112TH ST CLARK ST 178TH AVE W 140TH ST S 228TH AVE 195TH AVE HARDING ST 50TH AVE 28TH AVE 68TH AVE BLUE PL KEOKUK ST W 131ST S BEARDSLEY DR 250TH AVE 160TH AVE 205TH AVE NE 92ND AVE 203RD AVE HAMILTON ST 158TH AVE 215TH ST GENEVA ST GRIMES ST INDIANA ST FILLMORE ST SE 82ND ST CLEVELAND ST 1 8 5 T H P L CLEVELAND PL W 99TH ST S 10TH AVE SE 36TH AVE SE P O W E R S D R SE 68TH AVE 175TH PL JOHNSON ST JESUP W 117TH ST S W 137TH ST S DELAWARE PL 205TH PL 24TH PL NE 45TH ST 76TH AVE 74TH AVE EMERSON ST LOWE ST 18TH AVE GARST ST LUCAS ST 185TH AVE DELAWARE ST W 135TH ST W SE 92N D ST INWOOD ST 41ST AVE DRAKE ST NE 90TH AVE H E M P S T E AD ST BLUE ST 55TH AVE NEBRASKA ST 5 4 T H A VE PLEASANT ST DUBUQUE 225TH AVE KENNEDY ST 165TH AVE 160TH AVE 25TH PL 30TH AVE HAYES ST 180TH AVE 158TH AVE COOLIDGE ST 15TH AVE 210TH AVE 200TH AVE 180TH AVE 25TH PL HAYES DR CLEVELAND ST 60TH AVE FULTON 170TH AVE CARPENTER ST 168TH AVE 40TH AVE JESUP ST DUBUQUE ST 160TH AVE ERBE ST 50TH AVE 200TH AVE JERSEY DR W 137TH ST S COOLIDGE ST 60TH AVE 220TH AVE COUNTY LINE RD JOHNSON ST 190TH AVE 220TH AVE 230TH AVE 173RD AVE 210TH AVE 170TH AVE HARDING ST NEWBOLD ST 165TH AVE 50TH PL PERRY ST KEOKUK DR JESUP ST GEAR ST NEVADA ST ELK HORN ST JESUP ST NEVADA ST 25TH PL 228TH AVE 158TH AVE DUBUQUE ST 65TH AVE SE 82ND ST NEVADA ST GRIMES 60TH AVE GRIMES ST W 109TH ST S MCKINLEY ST 250T H AVE 220TH AVE CLARK ST 240TH AVE KEOKUK ST 40TH PL JEWELL DR 20TH PL S 128TH AVE W 80TH AVE 213TH AVE 50TH PL 160TH AVE MCKIMBER ST Milo Carlisle Hartford Swan Pleasantville Sandyville Runnells Ackworth SE 100th ST Beech Palmyra Lake R 0 2 4 6 8 1 Miles Volksweg Bike Trail -- LEGEND -- US Army Corps of Engineers ® Rock Island District Volksweg Bike Trail Closed (due to hydropower project) S-31 S-31 F70 S6G S-31 S45 G40 South River Ramp Bennington Ramp Ok Hill Ramp Boxcar Ramp -- LEGEND -- Developed Recreation Lands Public Lands Volksweg Bike Trail Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge Wildlife Refuge Area Other IDNR Area Volksweg Bike Trail Closed (due to hydropower project) Towns/Cities 65 D e s M o i n e s R i v e r North River Spr ing Rive r M u d R i v e r Cam p Creek M ill Br an ch P Walnu t Creek Butcher Creek South River Coal Creek C o a l C r e e k Su ga r C re ek Wildcat Creek B u t c h e r C r e e k H Whitebreast Cre 316 316 5 5 92 Turkey Creek 5 To Prairie City ATTRACTIONS LANDMARKS