P E L L A V I S I T O R S G U I D E 39 ROBERTS CREEK EAST 1609 Fillmore Drive, Otley Open during high water ROBERTS CREEK WEST 1519 Fillmore Drive, Otley Closed at elevation 775’ or over SOUTH OVERLOOK 1105 Highway T-15, Knoxville Closed at elevation 760’ or over WALLASHUCK 890 190th Avenue, Pella Closed at elevation less than 765’ WHITEBREAST 971 Highway S-71, Knoxville Closed at elevation 777’ or over HUNTING AND ARCHERY PUBLIC HUNTING AREAS Lake Red Rock - US Army Corps of Engineers 641.828.7522 or 641.628.8690 www.lakeredrock.org Iowa Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Unit | 515.848.3108 Check with the Lake Red Rock Parks Offices to find out more information on public hunting areas. RED ROCK ARCHERY RANGE 808 Highway 14, Knoxville 641.828.7522 www.lakeredrock.org MARION COUNTY SPORTSMAN’S CLUB 1702 Old Hwy 92, Knoxville www.mcsportsman.com Trap, skeet, archery, rifle, pistol BOAT RAMPS CORDOVA 1378 Highway G-28, Otley Closed at elevation 767’ or over ELK ROCK 811 146th Avenue, Knoxville Closed at elevation 780’ or over ELK ROCK EAST 811 146th Avenue, Knoxville (near Ranger Residence) Closed at elevation 760’ or over HOWELL STATION 1081 198th Place, Pella Located on the river below the dam RED ROCK MARINA 1768 Highway G-28, Pella 641.627.5743 www.boatredrock.com Closed at elevation 780’ or over Boat slip rentals, boat service station, ramp, gas BEACHES NORTH OVERLOOK BEACH 1007 Hwy T-15, Pella 641.828.7522 or 641.628.8690 www.lakeredrock.org North Overlook offers a great sandy spot to spread out your blanket and enjoy the sun! Sand volleyball. Modern restrooms available. WHITEBREAST BEACH 971 Hwy S71, Knoxville 641.828.7522 or 641.628.8690 www.lakeredrock.org Enjoy the sun and take a refreshing dip at Whitebreast Beach. Modern restrooms and shower house available. P E L L A R E C R E A T I O N G U I D E 39