P E L L A V I S I T O R S G U I D E 17 THE VERMEER MILL is part of the Pella Historical Village. The mill was designed and built in Holland and is an 1850s style "koren molen" (grain mill). Pella Historical Museums preserves its Dutch history by maintaining a 22-buiding Historical Village, which includes the boyhood home of Wyatt Earp, an authentic Dutch Windmill (The Vermeer Mill featured here), the Miniature Dutch Village, Scholte House Museum and the East Amsterdam School. www.pellahistorical.com This design was chosen, not only for its beauty, but also because of Pella's history of agriculture. Most small towns in Holland have a mill at their center, so in keeping with the tradition, Pella portrays a typical Dutch village with a city grain mill. The architect spent time in Holland to ensure American standards were met and the design was typically Dutch. The mill consists of several levels: The base, where grain was brought in through the front double doors and hoisted to the grinding floor through a series of trap doors. Historically, a quick pull on the rope notified the miller of business downstairs. After grain was hoisted up, a wooden shoe on a rope was lowered down for payment. Level two is the miller's (or molenaar's) living quarters. It was common in Holland for the miller (and his family) to live in his mill so he was always available. The third floor showcases different kinds of mills; the fourth floor is used for large storage and tools. The fifth floor has a stone floor and above that, are two more floors: the grain floor and the cap floor which contain the working mechanism of the mill. The fifth floor is where the action is! The workings of the grain mill are housed on this floor. There are 16 different wood species used and each for a specific purpose. Most of the wood was imported into the Netherlands. You will see large grindstones and the hoppers into which the grain is poured. Looking farther up you will see the enormous gears that turn the mill. With a brisk wind, the miller can easily grind 500 pounds of flour in one hour! Visitors are able to tour all of the floors up to the fifth floor, where you are able to walk outdoors onto the platform right below the sails. It is a sight to behond! The Vermeer Windmill is the crowning glory of Pella, one of our most popular and unique attractions!